“A transformation is only a transformation if the ‘After’ photo does not revert to the ‘Before’ 

I believe in balance and sustainability when it comes to your fitness journey. My goal as your personal trainer is to reframe your mindset and help you create a healthy relationship towards strength training and your nutrition.

I started my fitness in health and fitness when I was 17 after a career ending injury in volleyball due to an accident. Since then, I excelled in powerlifting and represented Australia in the Asia Pacific Championships in HongKong.

I believe in continual education. I have studied Chiropractic Science in Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and I have flown around the world to attend courses and seek mentorships to up skill myself to ensure I can help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

I have a wide skillset in fitness and I am very confident that you will achieve your goals with me as long as you are willing to put in the work. All you need is 12 sessions with me to see a difference!


  • Bachelors of Chiropractic Science in Macquarie University
    (2019- in progress)
  • King Sports International Level 2 Coach
  • Muscle Mechanics – Ganbaru Method Certified Coach Oct
  • Prehab 101 Certified Coach
  • Strength System Level 2 Coach (Level 3 Pending)
  • Clean Health Institute Performance Nutrition Level 2 Coach (Level 3 Pending)
  • N1 Education Biomechanics – Pending


  • Place 2nd in U93kg Juniors in Singapore Powerlifting Invitation
  • Represented Aussie in U85kg Juniors in the Asia Pacific Powerlifting Championship
    (HongKong 2019)
  • Coached Singapore national athletes (Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Beach Volleyball), Ex-National athlete (Singapore Sailing & Volleyball) and Australian national powerlifter.
  • Online coaching
    (4 years)
  • Face to face personal training
    (2 years)


Powerlifting, Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Rehab & Movement


  • 2nd in U93kg Juniors in Singapore Powerlifting Invitation 2018
  • Represented Aussie in U85kg Juniors in the Asia Pacific Powerlifting Championship (Hong Kong 2019)


Jasline Tan, 45
I highly recommend this coach to anyone who wants to get in shape. Terence is really awesome and helpful, he makes me feel really comfortable. I really like how he gives me tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout. I have been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body. Thank you for answering all of my questions and demonstrating all of the moves for me. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. The overall vibe is great and I have had nothing but good experiences. I definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
Sunil/Sunny, 41
I was bordering drastically 84kg.I put on 10kg during these years heightened lockdown. Terence had this unflinching confidence on his process to meet my ambitious target 10kg in 10 weeks. What set him apart was his real customer testimonials on his IG , it was also his clear vision of his process and an endearing humility. I realized he was not selling me sessions; he was championing a process that works if I walk the journey honestly. He would give 360-degree view feedback of exercise for every single rep/set and daily diet. It was a sustainable fun process and within a month the results started showing up on the scale and physique. The process not only made me shed fat but more importantly gained fresh perspectives on balance of life, ambitions that leaned over from clean eating and strength training. I am 74kg as I write this. This has changed the way I see myself at an atomic level. Even my rigid autoimmune skin allergies that plagued me for last few years have vanished in this weight loss journey of 10 weeks. This was definitely a fulfilling journey with Terence.
Shirlyn C, 33
Terence is focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals. We worked on strengthening exercises, building strength for better posture to go about my daily life. Terence is professional and patient. He fine tune his approach holistically to help people from all walks of life, from pain management, strengthening work to professional bodybuilders. I would highly recommend anyone who wish to build their fitness.
Gerardo, 40
Working towards my fitness goals with Terence has been a productive journey. He has the patience to explain the exercises and watches very closely. He also has challenged me when it’s been necessary.
Darius, 32
I worked with Terence over a period of 6 months to help me shift some of the weight I had put on over covid and to build muscle mass. He was great in teaching me how I should be feeding my body to support my workouts and to ensure that I am forming good habits in the long run. I also managed to build up a lot more strength whilst training with him and my arms and chest and gluteus grew significantly. He is also very personable and I enjoyed the sessions immensely which is a lot considering how much I hate exercise. Thanks for all your support Terence!
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changes start from you


changes start from you