Denie specialises in helping people build muscle and lose body fat.

He takes pride in helping his clients move, look and feel better through exercise; and steers them towards developing a healthy relationship with food and training.




  • Bachelors in Business
  • Specialist Diploma in Sports and Exercise Science
  • ACE PT


  • Body Transformation Coach (ONEPT) 2020-2021
  • Fitness Team Manager (Virgin Active) 2019-2020
  • Personal Trainer (Virgin Active) 2018-2019
  • Corporate 2014 – 2018



Hypertrophy, Fat Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Muscle Building, General Fitness, Body Transformation


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Chris Mooney, 39
f you are looking to achieve real results Denie is a fantastic trainer. He is genuinely invested in his clients success and takes a holistic approach that combines technique, nutrition and a challenging program tailored to deliver your specific goals. He has extensive expertise but an unassuming style that makes him a pleasure to train with. I highly recommend him.
Andrew, 34
Even though I worked out with other trainers in the past, I had trouble gaining muscle. Denie helped me get over the hump and trained me to build muscle without needing to bulk. I always appreciate his positive, encouraging approach.
KK, 55
I have been with Denie for almost 2 years. I lost almost 7 kg and dropped my body fat to about 11% in the first 3 months. Before i met Denie, I never thought I would be able to see my abs again. Denie is knowledgeable and is able to tailor the trainings to my needs.
JM, 41
Throughout my 30s I’ve had an on/off relationship with the gym and never saw any true gains. Denie has flipped that on its head completely, by teaching me the importance of technique, but also diet. I feel stronger and more energised than I have felt in years.
Christophe, 49
My job requires me to travel extensively, which makes it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I met Denie a few years ago and keep going back to him wherever he works. He is very dedicated, encouraging, master very well all the machines and teaches you the correct positions for each exercise so that you don't injure yourself. Really appreciate his flexibility for timing. Denie always finds a way to motivate me in a nice way. Very glad to have him as my personal trainer.
Alessandro, 35
I’ve been training with Denie for more than a year and I’m extremely satisfied and grateful. Denie is a gym aesthetic with massive knowledge in body mechanics. He plans my fitness routine and consistently reviews my progress. He tweaks my training in phases to balance the growth of my body. If you are looking for serious stuff, commitment and hard work, Denie is the answer.
Kevin Tan, 29
I came looking for Denie after deciding to alter my lifestyle in a big positive way. I wanted to transform my body and Denie was the go-to person for this. Denie was not only patient and encouraging throughout my journey but also understanding of my issues, needs and problems that I may face during this transformative phase. The plans and advice that was put out for me was results-driven and I can see the changes as time goes by. Complemented with his cheerful and positive vibes, there is no other trainer out there that would give such a holistic package 👍
Christian Teo, 34
My fiancé (then) signed me up for PT with a view to getting me more in shape for our wedding. I was skeptical - I used to poke fun at people who had PTs; after all why couldn’t one just pick up tips on YouTube. A year later training with Denie has shown me that a great PT is a game changer. Knowledgeable of his craft, he developed a workout regime that is safe, sustainable and challenging for me. Training at the gym is not only less daunting, it is enjoyable. I look forward to my training sessions with him. My physique has improved, but more importantly, I now have the strength and energy for so much more.
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changes start from you


changes start from you