Hi, My name is Feline Wong. I am specialize in body transformation and aesthetics fitness. I provide Results based training through sustainable nutrition plan along with a customised program for my clients to meet their fitness outcome effectively.

I believe in consistency, you are what you repeatedly do everyday. Excellence is not an act but a habit. I help men and woman create a lifestyle change while building confidence and empowerment through lifting. Be fearless!

Firstly, your mind has to be stronger than your body. Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it.



  • Personal Trainer – Virgin Active Singapore


Hypertrophy, Fat Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Muscle Building, Bikini Body Building


  • Musclemania Asia Bikini Pro
  • Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2018


Yenming, 48
Feline is the most dedicated personal trainer. Just let her know your fitness goals and leave the rest to her, you will definitely see your results in a short time. She will inspire you, motivate you and push you to achieve only the best for yourself. Best trainer ever!
Claire, 38
I’ve tried many fitness and diet plans but nothing keeps me in shape like Feline’s PTs! She builds a customised training program based on my body condition and objectives (fat loss and toning), and she changes it up from time to time to keep me (and my muscle) challenged. She cares but also pushes me to the limit, but she makes sure I’m in good form in every move so I don’t need to worry about injury. She also gives diet tips that allow you to still eat freely but healthier. I see progress every week and the results are amazing. I feel leaner, healthier and stronger. And she’s fun to train with anyway! Best trainer in town I’d say.
Leia, 28
I am so glad I’ve chosen Feline to help kickstart my fitness journey. She’s a whole package herself - looks good and great body but on top of that, she never fails to make me feel comfortable inside and outside of the gym. She’s extremely easygoing and I have no problem telling her what my concerns and goals are. She always listens to my needs and would help me set attainable targets with realistic timeline, making sure I’m consistent and have something to work towards. On top of it, she makes sure to inject fun into our sessions and is creative in her training methods. Feline genuinely cares for her clients and it’s evident from her friendships with them. She’s really patient and her training programme is highly personalized where she helped me planned my meals and set achievable targets for me. After just 2 months with her, I find myself having a healthier relationship with my body and feeling stronger. I highly recommend Feline if you’re looking for a personal trainer who’s dedicated and would help you achieve your fitness goals!
Ryan, 34
I’ve tried many fitness and diet plans, so far Feline's PT plans work for me. The customized training program based on my body condition, objectives (Lean bulking) and she changes it up from time to time to keep me both mentally and my muscle to be challenged. She cares and also pushes me, whilst making sure my movements are correct, reducing injury at the same time. She gives diet tips on what kind of food and the types of diet recommended for the objective. The progression from the weekly session feels great. I feel leaner, healthier and stronger. Easily 1 of the best trainer in town.
YY, 23
I have been with Feline for more than a year, while we have not seen super drastic results. She firmly believes in sustainability. She takes the effort to understand my lifestyle and the nature of my job to create a sustainable fitness goal. She never fails to push me 110% each session, she is called the devil trainer for a reason. But she still motivates me to achieve a balance between my work and fitness. I’m glad to say during my time with her, I have definitely learned a lot. Not just techniques and forms, but mentally as well.
Michael, 36
Feline has made PT so much more interesting! I’m never a fan of the gym kinda thing with those machines as I used to find them boring. I play quite a couple of sports leisurely but none of it helps to keep my weight in check. I was recommended by a friend to Feline, and she was attentive to work out a diet plan without comprising my daily lifestyle(which is drinking). Making things not too extreme and difficult to adap to, instead making the journey more enjoyable especially for a beginner like myself. Always looking forward to training with her to see how I grow differently!
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changes start from you


changes start from you